11 Year Old Raises Hundreds for the American Heart Association in Honor of Her Father

The Haynes family.
The Haynes family.

We love hearing about any fundraising efforts for heart health, and it is especially great to hear about projects led by young people. Reghan Haynes is an 11-year old who has over $4,500 for the American Heart Association in conjunction with the organization’s Jump Rope for Heart Event. This is Reghan’s third year participating, but her efforts have a special meaning this year as she lost her father less than a year ago from a heart defect.

Darren Haynes, Reghan’s father, was a veteran in-flight paramedic who enjoyed hiking and mountain biking. He died in his sleep in August of 2013 from an undetected heart defect. The autopsy revealed that Darren was born with a right coronary artery only 1/10th the normal size. This sort of defect is undetectable by EKGs and other standard heart testing. Catheterization is required to find this sort of problem.

Darren’s death was of course a terrible tragedy for the entire Haynes family, but Reghan’s fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association is a wonderful way to honor her father and further awareness around heart disease and defects.

Jump Rope for Heart is a nationwide program. You can visit the program’s site to learn more about how you can donate or get your local school involved.

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