8th Grader Saved By AED During School

Taiwan 8th Grader Saved

A healthy 8th grade student in Taiwan suddenly went into cardiac arrest during class and lost consciousness on May 26th. The student, identified only by his surname, Chen, had no pulse when the school nurse reached him. The school nurse immediately began CPR with the aid of the school principal and other teachers.

Within minutes, emergency first responders arrived and hooked the 8th grader up to an automated external defibrillator (AED), which detected that the heart was experienced ventricular fibrillation (v Fib or VF) and needed a shock to reset the heart.

Combined, immediate CPR and defibrillation from the AED were successful in saving the young student’s life. Chen celebrated his birthday in the hospital yesterday surrounded by his family and friends, thankful for the quick actions that led to saving his life.

Chang Jeng-cheng, head of the ICU at the Children’s Hospital stated that when a healthy teenager experiences SCA, VF should be listed as the first possible cause, and that an AED should be used at once. She also went on to suggest that all school teachers and staff should be trained in CPR and AED use. Original story here.

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