Head of AED.com Reflects on Significance of AED/CPR Training

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While many organizations require AED/CPR Training annually or every other year, it is not until you are forced to recall your knowledge and put your skills to the test that you realize how vital this training really is.

On a recent Sunday morning, our General Manager, Matt Spencer, experienced this firsthand when an older gentleman at church passed out during bible study class. Immediately, Matt ran for the AED that AED.com donated to the church years ago. As he returned with the AED and it was quickly put into use by a nurse and two anesthesiologists who were present, Matt thought about his own training and wondered if he would have been able to rise to the occasion if he had been called on to actually perform CPR.

He asked himself the following questions:

  • “How deep should my compressions go? ….2 inches”
  • “Does the AED tell me when to start CPR? ….Yes”
  • “Can I really count the number of compressions to the beat of ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees? ….Probably”

Fortunately, a shock was not required from the AED and when the paramedics showed up to take him to the hospital, Matt asked the 911 caller how long it took EMS to arrive: thirteen minutes.

The likelihood of making a full recovery from sudden cardiac arrest is reduced by 10% for every minute that defibrillation is delayed. In a life or death situation, seconds really do count.
We have heard hundreds of “save stories” over the years; many performed with the AEDs we have placed across the country. A common factor in most of these stories is the rescuers having some form of AED/CPR training.

While we talk with customers every day about AEDs, we often forget that most average consumers are not aware that AEDs can be used by lay rescuers and that many feel helpless to step in and assist if they see a stranger collapse. Many myths surround AEDs, CPR and Sudden Cardiac Arrest which often causes the average person to hesitate.

After witnessing the collapse of a fellow church member and seeing firsthand how our business really saves lives, Matt Spencer remarked, “I was inspired to find ways to redouble our efforts to get AED units and training to as many people as we can. The event that happened at my church was stressful, even for an onlooker, so training is absolutely key for anyone to really handle the situation properly.”
“The AED will coach you through the right steps, even without AED training, but there’s no substitute for being prepared. The amount spent on an AED and training is nothing compared to saving the life of a loved one, so it’s really cheap insurance. We rarely know where or when a life may need to be saved, so AED placement and training should be a priority everywhere. Every DXE employee has an AED in their vehicle and I also have one in my home.”

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