AED Gave An Average Joe Some Superhero Swagger


By Joe Zboch,

In future-retrospect I probably shouldn’t have made that gif. My eyes are glued to it and I’m guessing yours are too. Oh well, If you are entertained that’s awesome! Hear me out though because I’ve got somethin’ for you.

Let me explain the gif (image thing up above).

That’s me running and (kind of) jumping over my car. I almost pulled it off. If you noticed I didn’t quite clear it…. you don’t have to point that out in the comments after you finish reading. Well, unless you want to, but by that time I think you will have more important questions to ask. That’s my goal anyway.

There are two important parts in that gif. The first is that thing in my hand.

The second is superman! <– obvious.

The thing in my hand is an AED or Automated External Defibrillator. Today I know that they only deliver a shock to someone suffering from cardiac arrest. Got to use it quick because you only have about 5 minutes before it’s too late. :/

When I first started here awhile ago, I didn’t know that much. The extent of my knowledge boiled down to this:


Defibrillator Gif

And this:



You might be in the same boat I was, so please join me in this mini-journey.

Then I learned that AEDs are expensiveeeee. That’s 5 E’s expensive.

Or at least at first I thought so.. The more I learned the more I realized that like any other pricey purchase, an AED is an investment. It’s not something you post up on the wall and forget about like that awesome painting you got from Good Will.


Ugly horses


AEDs are more like puppies.. or Pikachu. (That second one is for a select audience :))

Like a puppy you have to take care of an AED. Luckily, for newer AEDs that is as easy as making sure the light is green not red.

If the light is red, that means the battery is dead and your life saving efforts may fall short. Get a new battery.

Easy huh?

It’s easy to make sure to feed your puppy. Nobody wants a dead puppy.

Cutest dog ever
I agree.
(If you do happen to have an AED and don’t have proper puppy management.. wake up and click here. In my short time at I’ve heard too many horror stories of AEDs not working because their owners have neglected to take care of them.  Loads of data show Doctors and Nurses are the worst at keeping tabs on their AED.. I don’t want to point any fingers but.. I just did.)


So now that you have a little background of what an AED does, I think you might find it cool that everyone that works here has an AED in their car. At all times. Thats how we roll. Like a Boss
We are on Facebook. Give us some clicks eh?


We all carry AEDs so we can walk the walk not just talk it. At any given moment somebody on the side of the road could go down from cardiac arrest.

This is were superman comes in. The truth is this: Having an AED turns you into superman or superwoman.

Looking beyond the obvious, Superman isn’t any different then we are. He just has more chutzpah when it comes to attempting to save a life. He’s got confidence and swagger. (Apparently he is also aware of the Good Samaritan Law (Bonus points if you understand that one)) Having that initial “LET’S DO THIS” rush of adrenaline to dust off your old CPR training and use an AED when somebody goes down is the deciding factor in saving a life.

AEDs give you confidence and swagger.

Well they do for me. Heck, you just saw me half jump over a car.

All we need to take away from superman is that we can be heroes too. All we need is a little bit of knowledge, some confidence and a special device to turn us from being hesitaters ..


Into a community of heroes and lifesavers.

Get an AED.


 Get an AED.

Unleash your inner hero.

And lets start looking out for each other.


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