AED Save: 13-Year-Old Boy Saved During Basketball Practice

13-Year-Old Seth O'Neal is on the sidelines this basketball season after his coaches saved his life with one of the school's AEDs in December.
13-Year-Old Seth is on the sidelines this basketball season, but hopes to return to the court next year.

Two fast-acting coaches saved the life of a 13-year-old boy, Seth O’Neill, at Cerro Gordo Elementary School in Illinois in December. During basketball practice, the teen was doing conditioning running when he suddenly appeared to trip and fall face-first to the gym floor. As his coaches rushed over to him, they saw his face turning blue and he had no pulse.

Jason Navratil quickly called 911, cleared the rest of the team from the gym and grabbed the nearby AED, while Jason Jacobs began started CPR and giving rescue breaths. After the AED analyzed Seth’s heart rhythm, it advised a shock to restore the 13-year-old’s heart rhythm back to normal.

When Seth’s parents arrived, he was conscious and on a stretcher preparing to head to the hospital. “At the children’s hospital, almost every nurse and doctor said ‘do you know what the coaches did for your son?’ “Seth’s Mother Susan said.”This is a miracle.”

One of Seth’s doctors called the coaches, Jacobs and Navratil, who until that moment were worried they’d done something wrong or that the machine malfunctioned. “The doctor saying ‘you did the right thing’ took a lot of stress off us,” Jacobs said.

The AED was not only used to save Seth’s life, but the data in the AED was able to be transferred directly to the physicians who diagnosed Seth with an underlying heart condition requiring an implantable defibrillator to regulate his heart and able Seth to return to a happy, normal life. (Original Story)

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