AED Save: Senior Woman Saved During a Game of Cards

Dogwood Pavillion
Judy Hamanishi, a recreation complex supervisor, shows off the AED machine that saved a life at Dogwood.

During a routine game of cards at Dogwood Pavillion, a social recreation center for older adults, a senior named Delores suddenly stated she felt “dizzy” and then passed out. Luckily the front desk worker, Sheri Greenwood, had been trained in CPR. She quickly called 911 and grabbed the nearby AED.

Greenwood then started following the AEDs voice prompts, attaching electrodes, beginning chest compressions and providing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to get the woman breathing. After a few frightening minutes, the AED brought the woman back to life. Shortly after, paramedics arrived to take Dolores to the hospital where she would recover from a near fatal experience. (Original story)

This save highlights the need for AEDs to be placed in all public facilities, particularly those where aging adults may be gathering. Automated External Defibrillators give life-saving electrical shocks to the heart (if needed) and provide rescuers assistance in CPR administration during precious minutes before emergency crews reach the scene.

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