Bodie Gunnaway A 16 Month Old Baby Survives Against All Odds



Bodie Gannaway’s fight for life is the stuff of storybooks. At 6 months old, the Lubbock, Tex., boy had surgery to treat a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. The aftermath was nearly catastrophic. The surgery deprived him of oxygen to his brain, and he had four cardiac arrests during his recovery, Everything Lubbock reported. He sustained severe motor impairment and the amputation of his foot.

That wasn’t all. Bodie went into cardiac arrest for the fifth time the day before he was to be released to rehab, according to his father, Jay, on, and he logged 150 days in the hospital before going home in May. He had a total of 16 surgeries, the last of which was in June.

But what’s a storybook without a happy ending? Now almost 17 months old, Bodie is back home and on the road to recovery, his father writes in an emotional pictorial on photo-sharing site Imugr.


From Huffington Post

Bodie is a fighter. Cardiac arrest tried to take his life 4 times. He was determined to live and he was only a baby. Read and share this incredible story.

From Bodies parents:

Bodie was born with a fairly common heart defect. It would

require surgery to repair, but it could wait until a few months down the road.

6 months old. This is the day before his heart surgery. It will be a long time before we see his smile again.

We were told the surgery went well and we’d be home in a week or two. We did not know things were about to go horribly wrong.

He had four cardiac arrests during his recovery. The worst one was 2:30 Christmas morning. We watched outside his hospital room as more than a dozen doctors and nurses worked to save his life. Through the chaos we could see a nurse administering CPR. His little arms would jerk with each chest compression. Counting all his cardiac arrests, he endured a total of over an hour and half of CPR. Each time he pulled through.

Even though the CPR saved his life, it wasn’t enough to keep blood flowing to his feet and his brain. He suffered an anoxic brain injury causing fluid to build up in his skull. He started having seizures. Several procedures were done to drain the fluid and alleviate the pressure.

First time outside the hospital room. A wagon ride with his big brother.

You gain a deep appreciation for how precious life is when you see a baby fight so hard to hang on to it and when you hear a 3 year old say “I’m here brother, I’m here”.

After 5 months in the hospital almost ready to go home.

Home! because of the brain injury, he must relearn everything. He can’t eat or smile. He can’t sit up or hold his head up or roll over. His eyesight was damaged too. He has therapy sessions twice a day, five days a week.

Back to the hospital for his 16th(!) and final surgery. This is to repair a hernia that had developed.

A smile! It had been ten long months since his last smile. The future is bright again.

Two things Bodie has taught us
1)No matter how long the odds, never ever ever give up.
2)Nothing is more important than love and family

Two things our time in the hospital taught us
1)Doctors and nurses are everyday heroes.
2)No matter how bad things get for you, there are always others going through more difficult hardships.


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