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Public Access Rescue Ready AEDs

It’s happened! Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) just struck in the person next to you, and they are in dire need of an automatic external defibrillator (AED). Luckily, you know where the AED is located, and it also has the ability to walk you through CPR. But as you grab this lifesaving device, the unthinkable happens — or rather, it doesn’t. The AED isn’t rescue ready. The device hasn’t been checked for preventative maintenance in years.

According to a study by UofL researchers, 21 percent of 322 AEDs at 190 public, non-hospital settings failed at least one phase of testing. Of that number, five percent had expired batteries, which would not allow them to work in a time of need.

Unfortunately, there are no required standards for the maintenance of AEDs or its registration. This makes the upkeep entirely voluntary for the AED carrier. Initially, the AED is registered with the vendor in order for the purchaser to receive updates on any recalls and advisories.

Cardio Partners offers preventative maintenance services to ensure your device is rescue ready. This helps to cut on costs of any unnecessary repairs or startling discoveries should it not work in a time of need. Preventative maintenance can help to guarantee a long lifetime for your piece of equipment; so that you can rest assured that is going to be ready in a time of need.

AED Save Stories: The 22 Shock Survival

SAVE STORY - Butch Gibbs has a goal to help as many people as possible understand the importance and severity of AEDs, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) & AED Awareness. Save Stories do an impeccable job at this and we are so thankful to anybody who is willing to share their story.

Last month in our newsletter we asked readers to submit their own AED Save Stories so that we could help share these and our first one is from Mr. Butch Gibbs. He and his wife Susie have been personally affected by SCA and have taken a very respectable stance in making sure that others understand more about SCA, AEDs, and the Chain of Survival.   Continue reading AED Save Stories: The 22 Shock Survival

DXE Medical PMA Series – Part 3: Where You Buy is Important

DXE building

Are you curious why non-Pre-Market Approved devices are being so heavily discounted?

To view devices that are still compliant to the FDA’s ruling and the PMA, click here.

Q: Why are some distributors still selling these devices in the U.S.?
A: Great Question. The FDA has taken the position that AED devices that have NOT filed for the PMA approval should NOT be sold in the U.S. market.As a result, it is our opinion that anyone purchasing one of these devices is opening themselves up to liability. Continue reading DXE Medical PMA Series – Part 3: Where You Buy is Important