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CPR — A Real Life Saver!

CPR - A Real Life Saver!

Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the 2nd link in the Cardiac Chain of Survival. By performing chest compressions and providing rescue breaths, CPR helps to preserve brain function when a person is unconscious and not breathing.

CPR could be necessary in situations such as:
– Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
– Drowning
– Unconscious Choking
– Drug Overdose
– Heart-related medical conditions Continue reading CPR — A Real Life Saver!

AED Save Stories: The 22 Shock Survival

SAVE STORY - Butch Gibbs has a goal to help as many people as possible understand the importance and severity of AEDs, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) & AED Awareness. Save Stories do an impeccable job at this and we are so thankful to anybody who is willing to share their story.

Last month in our newsletter we asked readers to submit their own AED Save Stories so that we could help share these and our first one is from Mr. Butch Gibbs. He and his wife Susie have been personally affected by SCA and have taken a very respectable stance in making sure that others understand more about SCA, AEDs, and the Chain of Survival.   Continue reading AED Save Stories: The 22 Shock Survival

AED Accessibility Halted by High-rise Stairs

high rise

Do you or your loved ones live in a high-rise complex? An increasing number of people do, which has been proven to add an additional challenge for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. Continue reading AED Accessibility Halted by High-rise Stairs

From Pub Trivia to CPR Save

Pub Save

Recently, at the Old Bundy Tavern in Australia, Wednesday night pub trivia turned into a CPR rescue situation in the blink of an eye.

Tracee Houlahan was sitting at a table for trivia night one moment and the next, people started to get worried. “There was a lady slumped over in her chair.” “Her partner and friends were trying to wake her but she kept losing consciousness and her complexion was changing.” Continue reading From Pub Trivia to CPR Save

Maryland Officer Saves 9-Month Old with CPR

9-month old saved by CPR

Kenzlee Mae Cushman, the 9-month-old girl you see in the picture, was saved by Officer James Herman of the Montgomery County Police Department recently. When Kenzlee’s grandparents were driving with her down the highway, they noticed their granddaughter having a seizure, which then lead to her not breathing. Kenzlee’s grandparents pulled over on the side of the road where Officer Herman was nearby writing a motorist ticket. Continue reading Maryland Officer Saves 9-Month Old with CPR