CPR and AED Training Legislation for Schools on the Rise



On Monday, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee approved state legislation requiring all high school students in the state to be trained in both CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator. State Representative Joseph McNamara served as the bill’s primary sponsor in the House championing these new regulations for their life saving potential.

He stated, “Making sure our students can perform CPR and use a defibrillator will not only improve first aid response at our schools, but will teach our students potentially life-saving techniques that they can keep with them for their entire lives.

Rhode Island joins a number of other states who have approved bills in 2013 that will protect and prepare students and teachers in the case of sudden cardiac arrest. Here are a few of the recent legislative acts:

  • Arizona SB1337– encourages schools to provide CPR training (signed June 20th)
  • Nevada AB414– requires secondary health classes to include CPR and AED training (signed June 5th)
  • Texas HB897– requires secondary students to be trained in CPR (signed May 24th)
  • Washington State SHB 1556– requires CPR training prior to graduation (signed May 8th)
  • Georgia SB2120- requires schools to provide CPR and AED training for grades 7-12 (signed May 2nd)
  • North Dakota SB2238– provides reimbursement for CPR training for students to public and private schools (signed April 17th)
  • Virginia HB2028/SB986– CPR and AED training requirements before receiving a standard or advanced diploma (signed March 18th)

These are all great successes! If you live in one of these states, make sure to thank your representatives for their support. Several other states are in various stages of passing similar bills. Keep a special eye on Massachusetts H.416 which would make CPR and defibrillator training a requirement for graduation. Legislators have scheduled a hearing for this bill on September 12th.

AED.com supports these important pieces of legislation. As schools in your state begin adding AED training, we hope you will consider us for all your purchasing needs including training materials and a new or re-certified AED.

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