CPR and AED Training Save Life of Middle School Science Teacher

Alan Murray can personally attest to the fact that CPR and AED training can save lives. Murray is a devoted seventh grade science teacher who was playing recreational soccer at the Gold’s Gym Family Sports Complex in LaGrange, NY, when he started to feel dizzy. He left the game to sit on the bench and soon collapsed on the sidelines.

Prior to this incident, the employees of this particular gym had to undergo CPR and AED training in order to hold their positions. There were three employees present at the time. As soon as they determined that Murray did not have a pulse, they immediately began performing CPR and attached the gym’s AED to his chest, which then proceeded to deliver a series of shocks to his heart.

Currently statistics report that if an AED is used within three minutes of the heart stopping, there is a 74% chance of survival. CPR alone leaves a person with only a 14% chance of survival. (Statistics from http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/article/20130307/SPORTS06/303070035/Youth-Sports-CPR-AED-training-can-save-lives?nclick_check=1)

Fortunately for Murray, he was surrounded by people who had access to an AED and the training to quickly know how to use one.

Murray had only a weak pulse by the time the EMTs wheeled him out of the gym, and he spent over a month in a coma in two separate hospitals before regaining consciousness.  Alive today, Murray attends rehab twice a week, and he is well enough to attend his beloved soccer games and cheer from the sidelines. Best of all, he is able to spend time with his wife and five children because of the CPR/AED that was performed that day on him.

In order to help Murray and his family with medical expenses, the Alan Murray Winter Classic was hosted on March 10 in the same gym where Murray collapsed. The event not only raised Murray’s medical expenses, but helped raise awareness for the need of AEDs throughout the community.

Source: http://peekskill.patch.com/announcements/tournament-to-benefit-lcbms-science-teacher-on-road-to-recovery

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