Combining CPR Training and CPR Feedback Technology


Recently, the Annals of Emergency Medicine reported that survival from cardiac arrest experienced outside of a hospital more than doubled when CPR feedback technology was used.  Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) like the Zoll AED Plus, include a technology that gives real-time feedback, audibly instructing the user whether they are giving good compressions or if they have to push harder. 

The Arizona Pre-hospital CPR Quality Improvement Project began four years ago as a joint venture by the Mesa Fire/Medical Department and the Save Hearts in the American Registry & Education Program. Their mission was to educate residents of the city of Mesa, Arizona on proper CPR techniques and AED usage.  In the last four years, cardiac arrest victims in Mesa have had a 56% survival rate which is well above the national average of 8%.

The American Heart Association has long placed an emphasis on high-quality CPR to improve cardiac arrest survival rates. A couple of the common problems when people perform CPR are compressions that aren’t deep enough or one’s that are not given at the right rhythm.  While CPR training can correct both of these problems, it can still be difficult for a non-professional to know how hard compressions should be because of the size of the cardiac arrest victim.  Zoll developed their AED Plus with CPR feedback that when used will determine what kind of compressions are needed and will instruct the rescuer on what to do, or tell them that they are giving good compressions. Other AED manufactures are starting to integrate similar CPR feedback technology.

Dr. Ben Bobrow, the Medical Director for the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Bureau of EMS and Trauma System and lead author of the study, said about the report – “We know that maximizing blood flow to the heart and brain during cardiac arrest is paramount, but manual CPR without any feedback is often very poor with lots of interruptions and suboptimal compressions.  We believe that these results clearly demonstrate how critical it is to measure CPR quality during cardiac resuscitation.” As AED technology gets more advanced, we will see even higher rates of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims surviving an event.

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