Fitness Centers May Be the Safest Place to Suffer Cardiac Arrest


We all know that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but if you have pre-existing heart conditions cardiac arrest is also likely to strike during a work-out. Because of this correlation, many fitness centers and health clubs have installed AEDs. In fact, many states have actually enacted laws to make this mandatory. (You’ll learn more about that in the upcoming Legislation Guide we are currently working on.) According to a new study, these regulations and mandates seem to be paying off.

A recently published study in theĀ Journal of the American College of Cardiology studied 850 sudden cardiac arrests that occurred in Washington State between 1996 and 2008. All of the studied incidents occurred at indoor public facilities with the vast majority (713) taking place at non-exercise facilities like a mall, restaurant, or bank. The survival rate for these incidents was only 34%. Comparatively, the survival rate for the 52 patients who suffered cardiac arrest while at a traditional fitness facility was 56%.

The survival rate for patients at non-traditional exercise facilities like a dance studio or church gym fell in the middle at 45%. Researchers suggest this is because these type of facilities are more likely to install an AED then a non-exercise facility, but they are generally not required to do so by law.

Researchers hope their findings push business owners and community leaders to install more public access AEDs particularly in non-traditional exercise facilities. If you are interested in implementing an AED at your exercise facility, please feel free to learn more about the fitness center packages we offer. We also would like to encourage you to visit CardioSmart– a website run by the American College of Cardiology. They offer some great tips for healthy living and information about a variety of heart problems.

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