High School Wrestler Saves Life at Tournament

wrestling save with AED

Schuyler LaRue, a Heritage High School junior from Maryville, Tennessee, was in the bathroom preparing for his upcoming wrestling match at a Franklin, TN tournament when a man collapsed to the floor, hit his head, and began seizing.

The man, Ron Bussey, was suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Schuyler’s quick thinking saved his life. He immediately began administering CPR to Bussey, whose heart had quit beating, and asked someone to call 911.

Schuyler used the school’s AED to revive Bussey in the precious minutes between when they made the call and when the ambulance arrived. He told news crews that he had learned how and when to perform CPR during a lifeguarding class he had taken the previous summer.

Although Schuyler was scheduled to compete in a match later that night, he poured all his energy into making sure that Bussey would survive. He doesn’t see himself as a hero, however – he was just doing what anyone else would have done in the situation.

There is no question that Schuyler’s act of bravery played a huge part in Bussey’s survival – a person who has suffered cardiac arrest only has a few precious minutes in which they can be revived, and often ambulance crews arrive too late.

Thanks to Schuyler’s actions, Bussey only has a sore chest as a reminder of his experience.

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