Janet’s Law Mandates AED Defibrillators on School Grounds: A Guide

Janet’s Law

Janet’s Law requires public and nonpublic schools k-12 to have automated external defibrillators or AEDs onsite and establish emergency action plans for responding to sudden cardiac arrest event.

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The 5 W’s of Janet’s Law


Janet Zilinski was an 11 year old cheerleader died from cardiac arrest. This caused the initial wave of support for AED defibrillators to be placed at school grounds.

Does anyone need to be trained to use the AED or be certified in CPR?

“A school district or nonpublic school shall be deemed to be in compliance with this requirement if a State-certified emergency services provider or other certified first responder is on site at the event or practice”

This means a coach, athletic trainer, or any other licensed staff member.


An AED must be placed onsite in an unlocked location with an appropriate sign to identify it. It should be accessible during the school day and any other time an athletic event, including practices is taking place. The defibrillator needs to be “within reasonable proximity of the school athletic field, as applicable.

AED.com Tip

We believe that reasonable proximity can be defined as any AED that can be retrieved and used within 90 seconds. For every minute that passes the chance of survival decreases 10 percent. Assuming the average person runs 5 miles per hour, in a lifesaving situation, an AED would need to be placed in a known position approximately 325 feet away from the epicenter of the SCA event to make sure the person is shocked in 90 seconds.

AED Placement
Suggested AED Placement for Princeton High School in New Jersey following the 325 Stay Alive rule.

The defibrillators need to be tested and maintained according to the manufacturers operational guidelines. If an AED is used, the proper reports must be made.

Janet’s Law about onsite AED defibrillators on school grounds also mandates that schools “shall establish and implement an emergency action plan for responding to a sudden cardiac event including, but not limited to, an event in which the use of an automated external defibrillator may be necessary.”

Janet’s Law Emergency Action Plan Guidelines

Your school’s emergency action plan must contain these items:

  • A List of at least 5 faculty members with CPR/AED certifications from a qualified source
  • Detailed procedures on SCA events
    • Calling 911
    • Starting CPR
    • Get and Use an AED
    • Assisting rescue reposnders on finding the sudden cardiac arrest victim


Your school needs to have these measures in place by September 1, 2014.


That’s easy; AEDs save lives.


The Easy Road To Janet’s Law Compliance

As with any new purchased of a product with this level of involvement, a considerable amount of education is needed to make a smart decision. Blake Barclay is our representative for the state of New Jersey. He holds CPR and AED certifications and can answer all of your questions. He can be reached through this link.


Here’s What we suggest:

You can find your AED by searching our site AED.com. Feel free to use our chat software or telephone to get some extra help.

We have experience with complying with and exceeding the expectations of state law when it comes to AED program management or what the newly passed Janet’s Law refers to as “tested and maintained according to manufacturer’s operational guidelines” It is a program called Enpro and it will save you much time and stress.

Lastly we ask that you consider joining our new program called Heartshield. Heartshield is a program started to raise awareness of AEDs on business, schools, and university property. By putting our badge on your site, you can show visitors you are ready to meet and beat a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. A clicked badge will take them to your schools customized Heartshield page which shows a clean simple design outlining your rescue steps, CPR/AED certified responders, and most importantly an interactive map of where your AEDs are placed. You can learn more by watching the video at http://www.aed.com/heartshield.

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