Mikey-on-Board Equips Trucking Company with AEDs

two men and a truck


The Canadian moving company, Two Men and a Truck made the decision to team up with the “Mikey-on-Board” program and have all of their trucks equipped with an AED and all train all the drivers and staff on how to use them.

 The COO, Dan Hopkins said in a press conference that he hopes their company will never have to use the AEDs, but that with the physical nature of their business it made sense to have them.  He included that not only is it good to have them for when they are at a home moving, but also if they are just driving and the driver sees a car accident or someone on the side of the road who has suffered cardiac arrest.

Hugh Heron, the founder of Mikey-on-Board, commented on Two Men and a Truck’s decision to be equipped with AEDs and said that it is an industry first, that will certainly benefit communities throughout Canada.  Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading killer of Canadians, but if others took the kind of initiative the Two Men and a Truck has, the numbers could go down.

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Mikey-on-Board will see that every one of the company’s trucks are equipped with either a Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus, or a Phillips HeartStart Onsite AED.  These machines can improve the changes of survival by 75% if used by a trained rescuer quick enough.  Two Men and a Truck’s decision to have them on board is an investment that I’m sure as time goes by, many people will be grateful they made.



Excerpt from the Mikey Network

Toronto Police Officer Saved By A MIKEY Defibrillator

A Toronto Policman is saved by one of the Mikey-on-Board AEDs!

…On May 2, 2012, at the Toronto Police College, a 52 year old male police officer went into cardiac arrest while exercising as part of his regular training program.

“Fortunately, others at the Toronto Police College gymnasium on Birmingham St. in Etobicoke performed CPR and applied the MIKEY defibrillator. After two shocks, they were able to get a heartbeat. He was transported to Mississauga Trillium Hospital for treatment and is expected to make a full recovery,” said Mikey Network Chairman Hugh Heron.

The MIKEY was one of the 70 defibrillator units donated to the Toronto Police Services, Provincial Courts and Collision Centres, as part of our Mikey Cops Are Tops program…

Congratulations to all who were involved in the save!

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