Swimmers Cross the St. Lawrence River in Support of Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Prevention and Preparation


On August 25th, Renee Langstaff and Andee West swam across the St. Lawrence River crossing from Canada to the United States. The two women organized their swim in order to raise money for Parent Heart Watch, a non-profit that supports efforts in prevention and preparation for sudden cardiac arrest in children.

The pair also founded their own organization, SIDz KIDz, in honor of Renee’s goddaughter and Andee’s cousin Sydney who was born with a congenital heart defect. Fortunately, Sydney received an early diagnosis and medical treatment, but Renee and Andee were inspired to raise funds and awareness for pediatric sudden cardiac arrest efforts.

Money raised from the swim will provide funding for educational materials, training, AED placement, and EKG screenings. You can still donate to their cause, as Renee and Andee are still a bit off from their goal of raising $2,000.

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