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Cardio Partners Donates AED to Oregon Community Center

Portland’s Q Center Updates Emergency Preparedness Plan and Installs AED

The Q Center, the largest LGBTQ community center in the Pacific Northwest, was recently selected by the Cardio Partners team to receive a refurbished Philips HeartStart Onsite AED.

While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree, Allison Neushwander, a registered nurse, quickly identified the popular community center as the perfect location for her community-based health project.

The Q Center’s mission is to provide safe spaces, community building, and empowerment for the positive transformation of LGBTQ2SIA+ communities and allies in the Pacific Northwest. As the largest LGBTQ community center in the Pacific Northwest, Q Center proudly serves the LGBTQ2SIA+ communities of Portland Metro and Southwest Washington.

After spending some time with the organization’s staff members, Allison decided that she could best help the Q Center by implementing an emergency readiness and evacuation plan. Allison decided to procure an AED and First Aid Kit for the center as part of the emergency plan. Unfortunately, the organization lacked the funding to purchase a unit.

Undeterred, Allison reached out to the American Heart Association, which suggested that she contact AED distributors directly.

“Thankfully, Cardio Partners was on that list!” said Allison.

The Q Center’s welcoming drop-in and event space is located in North Portland, and according to their website, it “is a frequent first stop for new arrivals in Portland, and for longtime residents who are newly out or questioning their sexual or gender identity. Q Center also serves as an information hub for friends, partners, community, and family members of LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals.”

“The AED is something we have always wanted to have for our community center. There are a lot of homeless community members who use the space, many community members who don’t get needed medical care, and there is also a health clinic attached to the Q Center. It is a gathering space for vulnerable people. The cost of an AED was keeping us from being able to have one in our space. This donation helps us make our community safer and helps us further our mission,” said Susan Kocen, Senior Community Program Manager.

“From my perspective as a student, this was a really meaningful project because I got to do something for my community in Portland, and for the gay and lesbian community. It was a very satisfying and personal project, because I’m a part of both communities,” noted Allison.

Allison decided that the best location for the new AED is in the center’s heavily-trafficked reception area, next to the fire extinguisher and near the library, art gallery, and auditorium. The AED is stored in a well-marked wall cabinet and each of the five full-time staff members will be trained to properly use the AED.

“Without an AED, restoring a heart rhythm is really difficult. That piece of technology is such a critical part of emergency response. They’re user-friendly and easy for the community to utilize. It’s nice to have it in a space that I’m personally connected to,” said Allison.

Cardio Partners makes every attempt to honor donation requests; however, we receive far more requests that we can reasonably accommodate. For more information about securing funding for your AED program, download our Grant Guide. To learn more about our AED donation program, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Call Cardio Partners at 866-349-4362 or send an email to customerservice@cardiopartners.com.

AED.com Donates to Nashville Inner City Ministry

Former Nashville Fire Chief, Buck Dozier, reached out to DXE Medical to share about this great organization and the need for an AED. Last month we had the opportunity to meet the wonderful people at Nashville Inner City Ministry, a faith-based organization that focuses on helping kids from economically challenged neighborhoods in Nashville.  

NICM offers various programs for children and teens throughout the year, from summer camps to learning centers, the group works closely with local churches and volunteers to make learning fun.  Their converted school buses, also known as rolling classrooms, are much more than transportation – it’s a vehicle of hope.

DXE Medical and AED.com are thrilled to be able to contribute to our local community and this organization that helps thousands of children year over year. Thank you for all that you do NICM!

To find out more about Nashville Inner City Ministry, please visit their website. www.innercityministry.org.

AED.com Donates Lifepak CR Plus AED to Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School

We donated an AED to Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School in Takoma Park, MD! The students there work one day a week as part of their work study program and, in doing so, earn about 60% of the cost of their education. This year’s senior class is only their 2nd graduating class and almost all of them have already been accepted to college and have chosen to go into the health care field. Thirty two of their seniors committed after-school time to become CPR certified.

From Joan Keller, anatomy teacher at Don Bosco Cristo Rey:
“I believe our school deserves an AED because while our students and school may not have the great financial resources, we do have incredible resources in the dedication of our students and faculty.”