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What Is Involved In Maintaining An AED?

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AEDs, while easy to use, require ongoing management and maintenance. The majority of malfunctions in AEDs are due to improper maintenance or battery failure. In addition to training volunteers, a well-designed AED Program includes testing and maintaining your device(s) – a critical and overlooked factor in deploying AEDs in organizations. Whether you have 1 AED, or are a large organization with multiple AEDs deployed, you should have a Medical Oversight and Management program in place. Taking this step ensures that your AED(s) are always maintained, in compliance, registered with local EMS, and are ready for use should they be called upon. Continue reading What Is Involved In Maintaining An AED?

Saving Money or Saving Lives

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Occasionally we have customers that question whether they actually need to replace the electrode pads upon reaching expiration or if the pads will still work for another year or so. Last week, we received an AED unit from a customer with a dead battery and electrodes that were expired and tore apart upon opening the package. If a unit will not turn on due to battery failure, it’s obvious that the unit will not function in an emergency—but what about the electrodes? Continue reading Saving Money or Saving Lives

The Shocking Truth about AED Battery Failure and Need for Conscientious AED Managers

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At the age of 55, Ralph Polanec, was taken from this world when he suffered from sudden cardiac arrest. As Ralph laid helplessly on the gym floor in Washington, D.C., fellow gym members came to his rescue (so they thought), only to realize that the automated external defibrillator (AED) would not turn on. The staff of the gym soon recognized that the AED’s batteries were removed when they lost their charge and were never replaced. Polanec lost his life too soon and it could have easily been avoided. Continue reading The Shocking Truth about AED Battery Failure and Need for Conscientious AED Managers