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School Officer Saves TWO Lives in ONE Day!

School Resource Officer Matt Schuman and Principal Tim Lowe and Assistant Principal Sheri Fisher. Image courtesy Washington County School District.
School Resource Officer Matt Schuman and Principal Tim Lowe and Assistant Principal Sheri Fisher. Image courtesy: Washington County School District.

Saving two lives in 24 hours—all in a day’s work for School Resource Officer, Matt Schuman, who is being recognized for saving not only one, but TWO lives in a single day!

While Schuman was on duty at Dixie Middle School in Washington County, Utah, a student came down with flu-like symptoms, prompting the school nurse to notify the girl’s parents. Officer Schuman waited with the girl for her parents to arrive as her symptoms worsened. During a few minutes when the father left to take his daughter’s belongings to the car, the young girl suddenly collapsed and began to seize, no longer able to breathe. Schuman managed to catch the girl as she collapsed, preventing her head from hitting the floor.

Matt Schuman’s training kicked in as he began CPR until she regained consciousness. While waiting on EMS, the girl again lost consciousness, going into sudden cardiac arrest. Schuman and a parent present at the school continued to perform CPR until the ambulance arrived to use a defibrillator to reset the student’s erratic heart rhythm.

Later the same day, Schuman received a dispatch call on his way home that reported a 9-month-old infant was choking. He quickly responded, realizing he was very close to the infant’s home. Schuman worked to remove the object obstructing the airway, saving the child’s life, as EMS arrived on scene. (Full story here)

AED.com recommends that EVERY school have AEDs (automated external defibrillators) readily available. Students, Teachers or even visitors to the school could be the victim of a cardiac arrest emergency. Every minute without defibrillation decreases chance of survival by 10%. Having an AED available sooner than even EMS arrives dramatically improves a positive outcome.

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