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Is One Set of AED Electrodes Enough?

Keep Calm Spare Pads


Hopefully you will never have to use the AED in your facility, but if you do, be aware that the electrodes pads are a one-time use accessory and must be replaced immediately following a rescue. If another cardiac emergency strikes before replacement pads arrive, the AED unit will be useless without a spare set of pads. Continue reading Is One Set of AED Electrodes Enough?

Saving Money or Saving Lives

Expired Pads Banner

Occasionally we have customers that question whether they actually need to replace the electrode pads upon reaching expiration or if the pads will still work for another year or so. Last week, we received an AED unit from a customer with a dead battery and electrodes that were expired and tore apart upon opening the package. If a unit will not turn on due to battery failure, it’s obvious that the unit will not function in an emergency—but what about the electrodes? Continue reading Saving Money or Saving Lives