Technology Update: Automated CPR Device


We know that an AED greatly increases a cardiac arrest patient’s chance for survival over just CPR alone. That’s for a couple reasons. First, CPR can’t shock a heart back into rhythm, but secondly many lay rescuers may not perform CPR as thoroughly or as properly as needed. That’s why new automated CPR devices present an exciting opportunity for increased survival chances in sudden cardiac arrest patients.

These new devices like the one pictured above that is utilized at Parkwest Medical Center in Eastern Tennessee are only meant for use by medical professionals. The machine is attached to the patient with a suction cup, and with a flip of a switch automatic compressions begin.

Dr. Braxton of Parkwest’s Emergency Department says, “When we don’t have this device, people change hands because people get tired” (Source). The machine allows constant compressions.

We can’t wait for the day that a machine like this can be incorporated into AEDs to further assist lay rescuers. Until then if you’re concerned with your ability to properly perform CPR in a stressful situation, we recommend the Zoll AED Plus with its patented Real CPR Help provides constant feedback for compression depth and speed.

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