The Future of the International AED Market

A public access AED in Japan.
A public access AED in Japan.

The vast majority of AED stories we share come to us from the US with a few from Canada and the UK, but have you ever wondered how AEDs impact the rest of the world? A recent market report clues us into how AEDs are utilized globally and how the industry is expected to grow over the next five years. 

The report, entitled Global Automated External Defibrillator Market (Trends, Technology & End-Users 2012-2017), was created by MarketsandMarkets, a market research firm based in Dallas. The report states that as of 2012, the global automated external defibrillator market is valued at $615 million. As might be expected, the United States is the largest current market for AEDs with about 200,000 units sold for public use annually.

Japan is the second largest market followed by the European market. All three of these markets are expected to steadily grow in the coming years with North America, Europe, and Japan expected to reach $482 million, $109 million, and $304 million in value by 2017 respectively.

Currently, Asia and the rest of the world make up only a small portion of the global AED market. However, by 2017 these markets are projected to reach $35 million in value in comparison to only $16 million in 2012. Increase in AED implementation in these regions is directly related to increased wealth and modernization of healthcare systems.

Globally, pre-hospital (such as ambulances) make up the largest segment of AEDs with a current value of $235 million. Public access AEDs trail at $171 million. Both segments are projected to grow through 2017 to reach values of $383 million for pre-hospital and $338 million for public access. The home market is expected to grow the most rapidly of all markets shooting from $25 million in 2012 to $62 million in 2017.

This report provides wonderful insights to the future of our industry. We look forward to being part of this growth as we help expand public access and home markets in the US and around the globe.

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