Who are you rooting for? Cheerleader saves Football Coach’s Life

Jessica Anderson


Attendees at the minor-league Indianapolis Tornadoes and Kentucky Reapers game on Saturday July 7th, 2012 ended up rooting for the cheerleader instead of the quarterback. Syrens dancer, who also happens to be a certified EMT and volunteer firefighter, Jessica Anderson saved the life of Indianapolis Tornadoes head coach Jerry Sanders when he went into cardiac arrest during the first quarter of the game. Jessica quickly rushed over and began CPR on Coach Senter despite a chorus from the crowd echoing their doubts. With the help of the team doctor and a couple of medically-trained fans, Senter held on until the paramedics arrived and transported him to the hospital where he was later revived.

If it wasn’t for Anderson’s quick thinking and move to action, Coach Senter might not still be with us. When a victim suffers from cardiac arrest, every second that CPR is not administered decreases the chance of a full recovery.  According to the American Heart Association (AHA), “Most victims of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest do not receive any bystander CPR.” Most people are fearful of pushing too hard or causing more damage to the victim, but in reality it is the opposite. By not providing care of any type, the victim often faces fatal circumstances. Luckily Jessica Anderson is not one burdened by fear.  According to Anderson, “CPR is critical in situations like this. It’s definitely a big key to know CPR and… be willing to give it to people who need it the most.” If there were more individuals like Jessica Anderson, people who are willing to step up and make an effort, perhaps we would see more lives saved and more happy endings.

For more information, please click to see CNN coverage of the story here: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2012/07/10/exp-point-jessica-anderson.cnn

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