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Truck AED Guy

By Tommy Wilkins

Oldie but Goldie.. I carry a Cardiac Science Powerheart AED. I actually have 2, I keep one in my truck, and one in my home. Last year, Cardiac Science discontinued support of this AED, which means they no longer make the battery for this unit.This AED was also unable to be upgraded to the recommended 2005 AHA guidelines. So why would I carry this Old POS??

There are several reasons that I still personally carry this AED. The first being that I have had these 2 AED’s in my possession for several years, and am very comfortable and confident in being able to use it when needed. Our company (DXE Medical, Inc) no longer sells this Cardiac Science model due to the outdated guidelines, so they weren’t being used anyway. But it is still an AED, and it still works. I wish nothing more than to upgrade everyone that owns one of these ‘older’ devices, to a new ‘latest and greatest’ AED’s. But the honest truth is..  Not everyone is able to do so. Some folks have to just keep the ‘old beater’ running as long as possible.

The Powerheart AED was a very popular AED in its production period. Two features that I really liked were that it had an actual battery gauge when you turned the unit ‘on’. Which was also a very simple task preformed by opening the Lid.   Over the years, I’ve sold several of these AED to my EMS customers because they wanted this feature. It is reassuring to know exactly how much life the battery has left.

The ‘defibrillation electrodes’ are also ‘non polarized’. This means you can’t get them backwards. You don’t have to know which goes on the Apex and Sternum. I felt this was a very crucial timesaving advantage this AED had. Both of these “pro’s” are also carried on with the current model that Cardiac Science manufactures, The Powerheart G3. The only real difference other than a slight color scheme change is this new AED uses a different battery. “If ain’t Broke, don’t fix it..”

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