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Post by Justin Darby

As Marketing Director of AED.com, I search for Sudden Cardiac Arrest information on a daily basis. The sheer number of cardiac arrest deaths is astounding to me and grows annually. In the U.S. alone, Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes one person every two seconds and is our nation’s leading cause of death. Learning these kinds of facts is shocking, and what’s more disturbing is that most of the general public are blind to this information.

Our goal at AED.com is to spread awareness about the prevalence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and the necessity of quick access to an AED (automated external defibrillator) for survival. To lead by example, all AED.com employees receive an AED to carry in their cars in case we were to stumble upon a cardiac arrest emergency. We carry AEDs in our cars because it’s in a central location and almost always close to us. You have to ask yourself – “Where do I spend most of my time?” The answer, for most people, is home and work. What better place to store an AED than in a position that always takes 30 to 60 seconds to grab?

I personally carry the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 AED. I’ve tested this AED and there are certain features that stand out and make it the most attractive AED to me.

  • The Powerheart G3 has clear, loud voice prompts that command attention.
  • The voice prompts give such detailed instructions that it leaves very little room for user error.
  • The pads are non-polarized, meaning you can place either pad on the apex or the sternum, saving the rescuer valuable time.

With these features, I would feel comfortable using the Powerheart G3 AED on a sudden cardiac arrest victim. Even though I’ve never used an AED in a cardiac arrest emergency, I trust this unit and have read story after story of rescuers saving a life with the Powerheart G3. I feel that even if a lay person hasn’t been trained in CPR/AED usage, they could easily follow the voice instructions and save a life.

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