ZOLL Medical Named Vendor of the Month

zoll medical named vendor of the month

AED.com has named ZOLL Medical, Chelmsford, MA-based manufacturer of AEDs, manual defibrillators and other medical devices, its Vendor of the Month for September, 2015. AED.com General Manager, Matthew Spencer, based the decision to name ZOLL Medical on the long-term relationship between the two companies. “Zoll Medical was the very first vendor to sign us up when we started in 1999. They gave us the opportunity when many others were hesitant to partner with a start-up,” Spencer said.

ZOLL’s public access AED, the AED Plus, has been the top-selling AED for AED.com for 16 years. The quality of the product and the level of support are both reasons for Spencer’s decision. “With over 40,000 New and Recertified AED Pluses sold since our inception, one would expect the quality issues with units in the field to be substantial, but that isn’t case. We may have seen half a dozen units that have required service work…ever,” he says. In the AED world, that is as close to perfect as a manufacturer can hope to get.

Features that make the AED Plus an attractive device for both public access and healthcare markets:

  • Battery System: The AED Plus runs on consumer Duracell Lithium 123 batteries that can be found at any big box store or local pharmacy. Replacing the batteries will cost about $60 every five years, where some competitor’s devices cost several hundred for a shorter period of time.
  • Pad/Battery Synchronized Expiration: Both the pads and batteries expire 5 years after installation, making maintenance much easier on the owner of the unit. Other devices require pad replacement every 2 years, with new batteries being needed every 2-5 years.
  • Real CPR-Feedback: The real CPR feedback feature may be the most compelling reasons for customer to purchase the Zoll AED over other options. The Zoll AED coaches the user through CPR administration, start to finish using a one-piece electrodes, the CPR-d Padz. While a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim will not survive without defibrillation, that is only one part of the rescue. Proper CPR is paramount to not only survival, but recovery of the victim. Blood flow is necessary to keep the brain and other vital organs from certain damage.
  • Fully Automatic Option: Zoll released a Fully-Automatic version of the AED Plus for consumers who may have minimally-trained users as potential rescuers. In a stressful situation, minimal or untrained rescuers may hesitate to push a shock button to deliver the necessary electrical therapy. With a Fully Automatic unit, this crucial step is removed from the rescuer by automatically delivering therapy if determined to be needed.

For trained first responders, the Zoll AED Pro provides a more robust, rugged option, while still including the CPR feedback feature.

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