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RescueTrac AED Program Management

Owning an AED is not enough. Ongoing training, management, and maintenance are essential to being fully prepared for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event.

RescueTrac helps your facility design, implement, and maintain a customized AED program while gauranteeing compliance.

Give yourself safety and peace-of-mind with RescueTrac AED Management.

AEDs are designed to be fool-proof, if maintained properly. The device determines if a victim requires a shock to reset a heart in distress. Yet, simply having an AED is not enough. Training, communication and ongoing maintenance are imperative.

Imagine that a heart attack occurs at your place of work. Management has taken the proactive step of purchasing an AED. There has even been annual training in CPR and AED use. However, when the device is retrieved and called upon to save a life…the battery is dead.  How could this happen, you ask. There simply is no one whose sole responsibility it is to maintain the AED. It usually falls to the school nurse, HR manager or any number of people that have other responsibilities. The AED is neglected in the flood of other priorities.

Sadly, the above example is very real. We have seen it happen at vacation resorts and international airports and countless other settings. Owning an AED carries a very important responsibility.  You need help managing your AED program! You wouldn’t buy a car and not change the oil. You wouldn’t install a fire alarm system and not have it monitored. Purchasing the AED is only the first step in protecting your facility from sudden cardiac arrest. RescueTrac is the industry leader in AED Program Management.

Their one-year and five year programs provides support from start to finish in three phases: Design, Implement, Maintain.

Once you have taken the big step it purchasing an AED, you need to set up a program to ensure that the AED is properly maintained and your staff prepared in the event the AED is needed to save a life.

All 50 states have passed Good Samaritan Laws that reduce or eliminate liability for those individuals and organizations that deploy an AED(s). However, these laws ONLY apply to those that can show they have adhered to their state’s requirements. These requirements vary state to state, so it is essential that you have an AED Management Program that ensures you have satisfied those requirements. An AED Management Program should include the following:

1.)  An in-depth site analysis that ensures that the AED is placed in the optimal location to quickly be retrieved and used in a sudden cardiac arrest.
2.)  Provide a program with safeguards, checks and balances to govern your organization’s policies. This program must be specific to your needs and organization.
3.)  Install Medical Oversight and Medical Authorization as required by your state. This includes management and a physician’s prescription.
4.)  A tailored policy and set procedures for your AED Program.
5.)  Proper notification of local, state and federal authorities. This is an absolute necessity whenever 911 is called from your location. The 911 operator can see the presence of an AED and direct the caller to retrieve it.
6.)  A defined support network with ongoing reminders and communication to manage your AED Program. Provide AED/CPR training periodically to ensure responders are certified and prepared to provide assistance to an SCA victim.Ongoing monitoring and communication to ensure compliance. Program Management proudly uses Rescue-Trac Management for our Medical Direction Programs. There are several reasons why Rescue-Trac is our chosen AED Management tool.
Here are a few:

•  Rescue-Trac offers COMPLETE AED Program Management through a proven and guaranteed system of unique Design, Implementation and Maintenance that works for you. No AED program is the same, so a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely sufficient.

•  The one-year and five-year Rescue-Trac AED Programs are guaranteed. This means that you or your organization is actually included on RescueTrac’s $2 million liability policy. The peace of mind that this offers is anexclusive benefit of using Rescue-Trac.

•  RescueTrac understands how complex creating an AED Program and navigating the numerous requirements placed on the customer.

The Complete RescueTrac AED Program can be broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Design

  2. Implement

  3. Maintain

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