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Zoll M Series Defibrillator (Recertified)

Zoll M Series (Recertified)

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Quick Overview

Many different 3-Lead and 12-Lead refurbished Zoll M Series in stock! Please call 855-233-0266 for configuration and pricing options. Biphasic Zoll M Series models starting at $3,995.

Call today for special, discounted pricing! 

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This item is no longer available to U.S. customers due to the FDA’s ruling on Pre-market Approval requirements. Please feel free to discuss with one of our representatives.

The smallest, lightest, brightest Defibrillator unit in its class makes for easy handling and optimal viewing while the built in power charger and A/C power supply doesn't add size or weight. ZOLL’s proprietary Rectilinear Biphasic Waveform with its lower energy and current and the 40-msec Rectilinear Pacing waveform provides superior efficacy while optimizing patient safety. ZOLL’s patented external Pacing offers superior capture at lower mean thresholds, reducing muscle artifact and ensuring more patient comfort and better patient tolerance. A wide variety of Zoll electrodes and paddles are designed to meet your every need, and pre-connection capability and common connectors help reduce stress in critical situations. 

The Zoll M-series Defibrillator can be configured in a variety of ways: Monophasic or Biphasic waveform, AED mode with Override, Shock Advisory, 3-Lead ECG, 12-Lead Interpretive ECG, Non-invasive Pacing, SPO2 saturation (pulse oximetery), NiBP, EtC02, Multifunction Cables or Integrated Hard Paddles.

ZOLL M Series Configuration Item # Your Price

Biphasic, 3-Lead, Pacing, AED (Shock Advisory)

ZM3BiPA $2,195.00

Biphasic, 3-Lead, Pacing, AED (Lock-out)

ZM3BiPALO $3,295.00

Biphasic, 3-Lead, Pacing, SpO2, AED

ZM3BiPSA $3,450.00

Biphasic, 3-Lead, Pacing, SpO2, NiBP, AED

ZM3BiPSBA $5,295.00

Biphasic, 3-Lead, Pacing, SpO2, NiBP, EtCO2, AED

ZM3BiPSBCA $4,995.00

Biphasic, 12-Lead, Pacing, AED

ZM12BiPA $5,295.00

Biphasic, 12-Lead, Pacing, SpO2, AED

ZM12BiPSA $5,695.00

Biphasic, 12-Lead, Pacing, SpO2, NiBP, AED

ZM12BiPSBA $5,995.00

Biphasic, 12-Lead, Pacing, SpO2, NiBP, EtCO2, AED

ZM12BiPSBCA $8,295.00

Biphasic, 12-Lead, AED, Pacing, SpO2, EtCO2

ZM12BiPSCA $5,595.00

Additional Information

Manufacturer ZOLL
Manufacturer SKU# ZM
Alternate Part Numbers No
Price $3,995.00

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