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Cardiac Arrest Rescue Steps

 Rescue Information
Step 1When someone is in Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), he or she suddenly loses consciousness, normal breathing stops, and there is no pulse.
Step 2Decide to help and act quickly.
Step 3Have someone near call 9-1-1
Step 4Get AED at nearest location (See AED Map). Turn on by pushing purple button located on AED handle.
Step 5Follow AED voice and text instructions until help arrives.
Step 6Have someone call ACU Police Dept. at (325)-674-2911 to report the incident.

Abilene Christian University HeartShield

View Abilene Christian University AED Map in a larger map

Post-Event Steps

  1. Call 855-233-0266 to replace AED batteries, pads, and other accessories used during the rescue.
  2. Download event data from AED to a PC. Click here for instructions or call 855-233-0266 to speak with a representative.
  3. Return AED to designated area.

Emergency Response Contacts

  • For all life threatening emergencies, dial 911. The 911 dispatcher will summon an ambulance and other emergency services as needed.
  • After incident, please call and report to ACU Police Dept. at (325)-674-2911.


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