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Philips AEDs

Philips Healthcare is a major division of the Philips brand which was established in 1891 by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard. The company first focused on lightbulb production, but began branching out into x-ray and other healthcare technology in 1914. Today, Philips Healthcare produces a wide range of medical devices and instruments including ultrasound and radiation equipment. distributes the following AED models.


Philips HeartStart OnSite

This automatic model is the only AED on the market that is available without a doctor’s prescription. It is ideal for in-home or office use for high risk patients. “Quick Shock” capability alows shock delivery in less than 10 seconds. This AED can also easily be converted to a trainer with training pads. The battery has a full 4-year warranty and Philips offers an 8-Year Factory Warranty on new units. offers a 3 year warranty for recertified devices.

Philips HeartStart FRx

This automatic model is designed for tough conditions and can withstand crushing loads up to 500 lbs as well as a 1 meter drop onto concrete. It can be converted to use on a child safely with the infant/child key making pediatric pads unnecessary. New models have an 8 Year Factory Warranty from Philips, and offers a 3 Year Warranty on recertified units.

Philips HeartStart FR3

This AED is the smallest and lightest professional- grade AED among leading manufacturers. The AED is automatically powered on upon opening the carrying case, and pre-connected peel and place SMART III pads with no foil pouch reduce deployment time. A bright and high-resolution color LCD screen makes the FR3 easy to use in loud environments, and this model also utilizes the Infant/Child Key making it safe for small children. Philips offers a 5 Year Factory Warranty for new units, and offers a 3 Year Warranty for recertified units.

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