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Physio-Control AEDs

Physio-Control Incorporated was founded in 1955 by Dr. Karl William Edmark, a Seattle- based cardivascular surgeon. In 1968, the LIFEPAK 33 became the first portable stand-alone defibrillator weighing in at 33 lbs. The LIFEPAK 500 AED was first introduced in 1997. AED. com is a licensed distributor of the following AED models as well as manual defibrillators.


LifePak Express

is a semi-automatic, budget friendly and compact AED that provides step-by-step ClearVoice Prompts. The LifePak patented Quik-Combo pad connector allows for easy transfer to EMS units. Physio-Control provides a 5-Year Factory Warranty for new models. offers a 3-year Warranty for recertified units.

LifePak CR Plus

is available in semi- automatic and automatic models. Offers ADAPTIV biphasic technology that adjusts shock energy based on victim’s needs. Utilizes Quik-Combo pad connector. Physio- Control offers an 8-year warranty on new CR Plus Models, and provides a 3 year warranty for recertified models.

LifePak 1000

is designed for professional rescuers. Avaialble with either graphical or ECG display with optional pediatric capability. This AED has an easy to read LCD screen. Physio-Control provides a 5-Year Factory Warrany on new models, and offers our customers a 3 Year Warranty for recertified units units.

LifePak 500

(Recertified only) This model has been discontinued, but AED. com still offers it as an affordable recertified option. The LifePak 500 is available with either monophasic or bipha- sic technology. The LCD screen delivers text prompts along with voice prompts. offers a 1 year warranty on recertified LifePak 500 AEDs.

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