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Zoll Medical Corporation was founded in 1980 by Dr. Paul M. Zoll, the first physician to successfully use external defibrillation in 1956, along with his business partners. Today, Zoll manufacturers a range of medical equipment including AEDs, manual defibrillators, and wearable defibrillators. AED. com has established a 14 year history with Zoll as a licensed distributor, and we are proud to offer the following automated external defibrillator models in addition to manual defibrillators suitable for hospital use.

Zoll AED Plus

is available in both fully automatic and semi-automatic models. This unit provides verbal real-time feedback which assists the rescuer with chest compressions by telling them "Good Compressions" or "Push Harder".

The Zoll AED Plus utilizes a one-piece chest pad which is placed in the center of the victim's chest. The pad and battery both have a 5 year expiration date, while Zoll Medical issues a 7-Year Factory Warranty for new AED Plus units. offers a 3-year warranty for recertified AED Plus devices.

Zoll AED Pro

is available in both semi-automatic or semi-automatic with manual override models. Designed primarily for use by emergency professionals. The Zoll AED Pro's tough exterior makes it a great choice for ambulances and other environments that cause wear and tear. The device's screen can display heart rate, shocks delivered, and CPR compression depth.

This model also features Zoll's See-Thru CPR technology which allows the rescuer to view ECG rhythm with the artificact noise caused by CPR filter out. New Zoll AED Pro units come with a 5 Year Factory Warranty. provides a 3-year warranty for recertified devices.

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