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Legislation and AED Management

Legislation governing AEDs varies widely state-by-state. We are currently working to develop an in-depth legislative guide. In the meantime, we recommend checking with your state’s legislative database which can often be found online. You should know that all 50 states have passed Good Samaritan Laws which protect rescuers from various degrees of liability.

Most states also require AED owners to have a management plan in place. has partnered with En-Pro Management to provide our customers with a solution for managing their AED. En-Pro reduces liability for facilities through medical oversight.

En-Pro is available as either a one or five year program and covers design, implementation, and maintenance of the AED management program. Each individual or business’s customized program includes an in-depth site analysis, proper notification of local and state authorities, and safeguards and checks to protect your oranization’s policies.

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