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Alternate Forms Of Funding

Applying for a grant can be a long and taxing process. Make sure to consider some other forms of funding that might be of assistance. This is especially important if you are looking to purchase an AED for a small business or individual, as grant opportunities are almost exclusively geared for nonprofit organizations and schools. You'll also want to keep these options in mind if your organization applies for a matching grant.

When seeking funding outside formal grant opportunities, members of your community and local businesses are by far your best bet. Community fundraising can be conducted on a small and large scale implementing any or all of the following ideas.


Donation Jars

If you're a small business looking to fund an AED to keep on your premises, why not set up a donation jar near the cash register. Keep a stack ofinformation about AEDs nearby (You can use the flier we designed and included in the appendix of this PDF.) Make sure to let your customers know why you want to have an AED on the premises and how it couldprotect them in the future. If you're a nonprofit or school raising funds for an AED, try to recruit as many local businesses as you can to keep donation jars around. A neighborhood grocery store with multiple checkout lanes might be a great partner.


Special Shopping/Dining Days

To amp up your fundraising efforts, consider using your business or partnering with a local business to host a dedicated shopping or dining day. Many businesses will be willing to donate a portion of their proceeds for a day to a good cause. Chili's restaurant locations around the country regularly host Give Back Nights which provide 10% of sales generated from customers with a promotional flier to a fundraising effort. You can download information about their program here. If you choose to partner with a local business for a similar event, make sure you work hard on promotion efforts through word of mouth, fliers, and social media.



Kill two birds with one stone by creating promotional items for sale that will also raise awareness for AEDs and sudden cardiac arrest. To make sure you don't end up losing money, take orders in advance and try to work with a local printer who supports your mission to reduce costs.


Bake Sale, Car Wash, or Whatever

You know what's popular in your community. Think about what efforts you have seen work for other causes around you. Does your town have a great high school basketball team? Ask the coach and players to host a skills clinic for local youth to raise money for AEDs. Is your church home to a Martha Stewart or two? Sell heart-shaped baked goods in the lobby after services. Anything and everything can be a fundraising opportunity. We know once your community understands the lifesaving potential of AEDs, they will be on board with your fundraising efforts. Donations

At, we are proud to provide life-saving equipment and it's even more rewarding when we can donate AEDs to worthy organizations. That being said, we get far more requests for donations then we could ever accomodate.


As you can see from our Donations Page, we have donated in the past to many types of organizations including schools, churches, and community groups. Before we make a donation, we want to make sure the recipient is fully invested in implementing the AED in their community. We've been impressed by past recipients who have made efforts to pursue CPR and AED training and educate their community prior to applying for a donation. These sorts of proactive steps will also be attractive to any foundation to whom you submit a formal grant application.

We also love helping groups who have already made significant fundraising efforts. In the past, we have donated a unit and then been able to provide a discount for the purchase of other units for organizations who have created their own fundraising campaign. So if you contact us about a possible donation, we strongly encourage you to provide us with as much information as possible about your organization and your prior efforts for fundraising and education. We cannot guarantee a donation, but we do promise to be upfront with you about how we may be able to help you.

It's important to remember that every AED is slightly different, and therefore, we will work to advise you as to which model may be best for your organization.

Be Aware

Some websites and companies may
offer "partial grants". Make sure
you're getting a good deal.


While researching our Grant Guide, we found several websites advertising "grants" or partial discounts for AEDs with no product information or retail prices availalbe. Be wary of such offers as many come from distributors trying to grab up customers using small discounts they call grants. If you do receive a reduced price quote from one of those companies, make sure to check for retail price. We list all manufacturer prices on our website, so you can make a compairison.

If you receive a lower quote, give us a call and we will work with you to create a competitive quote. Also keep in mind, that not all AED distributors are alike. At, we offer top-notch customer service and have factory trained and certified biomedical technicians on our premises to perform repairs and maintenance.

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