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Grant Listings

Unfortunately, there are few national grant opportunities specifically geared towards AEDs. We hope as these lifesaving devices continue to gain popularity in public access environments, grant opportunities will increase. Below, we have listed grant opportunities and databases for nationally available funding. The following pages provide information for each state in the Union. By clicking on any red text or a state's image, you will be directly linked to each respective foundation's website.


Rural Access to Emergency Devices Grant Program

Federally funded program to provide grants for AEDs to rural community partnerships comprised of local emergency response entities.


Hopey's Heart Foundation

AED donation program for nonprofits and schools. Sponsored by WNBA player Tina Charles.


Pulse3 Foundation

AED donation program for nonprofits, schools, and government agencies.


Medtronic Foundation

Has funded AEDs and other equipment in the past. Currently, the grant program is by invitation only.


American Legion

Elks Club, Lions Clubs, and Rotary Clubs - These civic organizations all provide community funding. Contact your local chapter for further information.


Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Searchable online database of government grant availability.


Foundation Center

Searchable online database of private, corporate, and community foundations.


Grant Listings
Grant Listings
Grant Listings
Grant Listings

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