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What Is A Grant?

Simply put, a grant is a financial gift bestowed to a non-profit organization. Unlike a loan, a grant does not need to be repaid. Most grant recipients have 501(c)(3) status and are some form of community organization. However, government agencies and public schools are also often eligible for grants. Grants may come from a variety of sources including the federal and state goverment, corporate giving progams, and company and private foundations. Below are some terms that will be helpful as you learn more about the grant process.

Types of Grants:

Project Grant-Funds

are restricted to a particular project or program.

Matching Grant

the grantee is required to independently raise a set amount of funds that will be equally matched by the donor.

Employee Matching Grant

similar to a matching grant but designed for employees of a certain company to donate to a cause of their choice with their employer pledging to match their donation.

In-Kind Donation

rather than a financial gift, the grantee receives a piece of equipment such as an AED.

Types of Recipients:

501c3 organization

indicates a nonprofit organization who has been distinguished as tax exempt. Does not apply to school districts.

Faith-based organizations

related to a faith group in some way, may be limited in types of grants and uses of funds they may apply for.

Local Education Agency (LEA)

school district or college.

Types of Donors:

Federal and state grants

many government organizations have a set aside amount of funds to be used for grants to communities.

Corporate giving programs and foundations

foundations or programs tied to and supported by a corporation.

Community foundations

foundations which pool donations and resources from throughout a community.

Private foundations

often formed by an endowment from an individual or family

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