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AED Legislation Guide



Why Do We Need AED Legislation?

Why Do We Need AED Legislation?

For the most part, AED legislation is very positive for everyone from cardiac arrest patients to lay rescuers to healthcare...

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AED Legislation Types

AED Legislation Types & Terminology

During our research for this guide, we found that the majority of laws related to AEDs fall into 5 distinct categories...

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AED Legislation Programs

AED Management Programs

AED management programs are a great option for AED owners who want to follow all of their state's regulations...

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AED New Legislation Tips

Tips For Encouraging
New Legislation

After reading about your state's current AED legislation, you might feel something is missing. perhaps, you feel strongly...

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AED Legislation Listings

AED Legislation

There are relatively few pieces of federal legislation relating to AEDs. the existing national laws are listed in...

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