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AED Management Programs

AED management programs are a great option for AED owners who want to follow all of their state's regulations without having to handle and manage every logistic. At, we partner with En-pro management to provide our customers access to these services. read on below to see what you can expect from this program.

En- pro focuses on three main elements: Design, implement, and maintain. this means that you will benefit from a management program specifically created for your facility. they will keep you up to date on maintenance and all other requirements. En-pro contracts are available for 1 or 5 years. Below, you can learn more about what is entailed in each step of your management program.


Initial analysis of the designated sites.
Review of respective state legislative and regulatory requirements along with the verification of any local ordinance that may exist to govern
AED installations within a city, county, or township.
Design of a national policy and procedure for your organization.
Creation of an implementation schedule.


Proper notification of local and state agencies.
Registration with En-pro's plustrac system.
Creation of training program.


Plustrac monitors and tracks routine maintenance inspections, electrode pad expiration, battery expiration and volunteer responder expiration.
Plustrac can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and a web browser.

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