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Tips For Encouraging New Legislation

After reading about your state's current AED legislation, you might feel something is missing. perhaps, you feel strongly about the need for an AED mandate in all schools throughout your state. you don't have to sit idly by and hope your state legislature springs to action. You can take the initiative to inspire new lifesaving legislation.

That's exactly what Janet Zilinski's parents, Jim and Karen, did following their daughter's tragic death in 2006. Janet was only 11 years old when she collapsed due to cardiac arrest during cheerleading practice. Without a nearby AED, Janet was unable to be revived. it took six years, but Janet's law, which requires all schools to have an AED on their premises and establish an emergency plan, was signed into law by new Jersey Governor Chris Christie on september 21, 2012. The Zilsinkis' persistence paid off, and you can learn from their experience to bring about change in your state.

Find an Advocate:

The Zilsinkis worked with their local representative Assemblyman Jon Bramnick throughout their six year campaign. contact your local representative to recruit them to for your cause. if they are not willing, reach out to other representatives from around your state who have a special interest in health and public safety.

Get involved with Bill Writing:

The Zilinskis worked with Assemblyman Bramnick to draft several version of Janet's law. Be willing to work with your representative to write and edit the bill. they are bound to be tied up with multiple bills and issues, so don't be afraid to be proactive in sending them research and updates related to your potential bill.

Create a petition and Drum up support:

The Zilsinkis created an online petition which allowed other citizens to show their support for the new AED legislation. you should consider finding a way to recruit individuals from around your state to advocate for their bill and push their local representatives.

Testify and speak out:

The Zilsinkis testified before several state congressional committees before Janet's law was finally passed. they also engaged with local and state press outlets and worked alongside a girl scout troop who conducted a survey of AEDs in schools throughout new Jersey. With your own potential bill, find ways to speak out and take a stand.

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