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Why Do We need AED legislation?

For the most part, AED legislation is very positive for everyone from cardiac arrest patients to lay rescuers to healthcare professionals. these laws seek to protect individuals from liability and set standards for AEDs in public access environments. AEDs first emerged in the 1980s for use by Emts and other medical professionals. in 1994, the American heart Association convened to encourage the development of AEDs for public access. this means that existing AED legislation is less than 20 years old and is still in an active state of flux. this year, we have seen a number of states pass laws requiring AED training for high school students. We expect to see more positive legislation like this in the coming years.

Despite the importance of this legislation, we know that keeping track of various laws and regulations can be tricky. in this guide, we will break down the major categories of AED legislation as well as the terminology associated with these laws. We will also cover how you can utilize AED management programs to streamline your adherence to your state’s laws. We will then discuss how you can successfully campaign to have your state implement new AED legislation. finally, we have provided a comprehensive listing of federal and state laws relating to AED use and training. please note: we will make every effort to keep this guide updated as new legislation arises; however, there may be times when a law slips past our radar. so please keep your eyes and ears open for news of legislation in your state. you may even want to contact one of your state legilsators to ensure your are fully up to date on all relevant legislation.

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