10 Ways to Help Your Employees Remember CPR/AED Training

10 Ways to Help Your Employees Remember CPR/AED Training

10 Ways to Help Your Employees Remember CPR/AED Training

Your employees learned a TON in CPR/AED training. Now, the trick is helping them remember how to use their newly-developed skills in an emergency! (Oh, and just in case you missed it, here’s a link to our post “What Do You Learn During CPR/AED Training!”)

Here are a few great ways to help your employees remember their CPR/AED training and keep their life-saving skills fresh and rescue-ready!

#1 — Get recertified

If your employees are already certified, schedule a recertification course before their existing certification expires. These courses are typically shorter than initial training classes.  

#2 — Buy the book

Make sure that your employees have a copy of an official CPR/AED/First Aid participant’s handbook.

#3 — Get the DVD

If your team is more visual, invest in a DVD that includes the video segments from their in-person or blended courses.

#4 — Hands-only CPR refresher

Hold a lunch and learn hands-only CPR.

#5 — Be creative

Design company-branded Chain of Survival posters and post them prominently throughout the office.

#6 — Watch some short videos

Let us be clear: YouTube is not a substitute for CPR certification, recertification, or official American Heart Association or Red Cross training programs. But it just might be fun to get your team together — virtually or in-person — and review a few online videos. Find a few examples of good CPR and bad CPR and discuss!

#7 — The game is afoot!

Who doesn’t love a little competition? CPR Trivia Bowl is just the ticket. Don’t forget to make a donation to the heart-healthy nonprofit of the winner’s choice! Have some fun with the questions, but here are a few good ones to get you started:


  • How many compressions per minute does CPR require?
  • Name three songs with the ideal tempo for CPR.
  • Who invented the AED?
  • Name the 6 links in the adult out-of-hospital SCA chain of survival.
  • How deep should CPR compressions be?

#8 — Create a cheat sheet

Using the Red Cross CPR steps as your guide, create an easy reference guide for your employees to help them remember their CPR training.

#9 — Remember your C-A-Bs

The days of ABCs are so 2010. Use an easy mnemonic — CAB — to remember Compressions/Circulation-Airway-Breathing. 

#10 — Give the gift of a CPR pocket mask

Nothing shows you care quite like a CPR pocket mask. To keep their CPR skills in tip-top shape, encourage your employees to revisit ideas 1-9 and reward them with a CPR pocket mask from aed.com

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