5 Reasons Why AED Packages are Important

The importance of AED packages

Cardio Partners and AED.com understand that different organizations have different needs when it comes to an AED. That’s why we have created several AED packages to fit our customers’ unique needs.

Deciding to start an AED program, funding your AED program, and finding the right AED for your organization can be challenging enough. That’s why we’ve created AED packages for just about any scenario you can think of!

While our packages do vary, all of our AED packages come with a physician’s prescription and one year of LifeShield AED Compliance Management.

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Reason #1: AED Packages Take the Guesswork out of AED ownership

Selecting the AED model that’s right for your organization is tough enough. An AED that’s perfect for a school system may not be right for your office. 

When you purchase an AED package, you can rest assured that you’re getting everything your organization needs.

Reason #2: Everybody Loves a Good Deal

AED packages ensure that you get everything you need without the clutter of accessories you don’t need. Plus, AED packages are an affordable way to ensure the safety of your colleagues, visitors, and stakeholders.

Reason #3: AED Packages Make Training Easier

When you invest in standardized AED packages for your organization, when the need for an AED arises, responders and bystanders will know what to expect and will know how to use the AED and related emergency supplies.

Reason #4: AED Packages Show Your Commitment Safety

Having an AED is a great first step, but equipping potential rescuers with the tools they need to save a life show your commitment to your employees, students, or patrons.

Reason #5: Help Ensure Best Practices

When you buy an AED kit that includes a highly visible wall cabinet, signs, and a rescue kit with nitrile gloves, CPR masks, scissors, sanitizing wipes, and more, you’re helping to keep your potential rescuers safe while promoting quality CPR

Get $150 off All AED Packages! Use the Code: NOV150

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To learn more about our AED packages, contact Cardio Partners at 866-349-4362 or email us at customerservice@cardiopartners.com.

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