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We’ve all seen or heard studies that pets increase the human lifespan and we all wonder if it’s true. One of the first studies on this appeared in the Public Health Reports in 1980 and showed that the survival rates of heart-attack victims who had a pet were 28% higher than those of patients who did not have an animal companion. “The health effects seem to be very real and by no means mystical,” says Alan Beck, Director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University. “Contact with companion animals triggers a relaxation response,” he says.

At  we agree wholeheartedly (no pun intended)! employees are passionate about several things: increasing awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, providing a wide range of quality products, setting the standard in customer service, and our 4-legged friends! One of the perks of being a employee is being able to bring your dog to work. On an average day in our office there are 4-5 dogs who keep us productive.

We would like to introduce you to our Dog family:


Meet Flip Flop: 

Breed: Beagle

Owner: Megan, Biomedical Engineer

Age: Just turned 5-years-old

Favorite food:  French Fries and Ice Cream (who are we kidding? Any human food she can get her mouth on!)

Favorite treat:  Any and all, and if it involves peanut butter even better!

Tricks: Flip Flop is known to be very stubborn, she failed out of puppy kindergarten, but if you are lucky she will sit for you or twirl like a ballerina.

Other specifics:  She loves being around people and her feelings get hurt when people don’t say hi.  She sleeps under the cover, and she never forgets anything. She is also our resident trash monger – better close your door if you don’t want her digging!

Meet Brady:

Breed: Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix

Owner: Tommy, Chief Administrative Officer

Age: Almost 3-years-old

Favorite food:  Dry dog food

Favorite treat:  Tennis ball

Tricks:  He will fetch ANYTHING.

Other specifics: Tommy rescued Brady when he was 1-year -old.


Meet Terrance:

Breed: Chihuahua

Owner: Blake, Sales Executive

Age: Turned 4-years-old on July 28, 2012

Favorite food: NUTRO Natural Choice Grain Free Adult Venison Meal & Potato Formula

Favorite treat: Blue Coast Burrito chips

Tricks: Sit, High-five, Shake, Lay, Speak, and Roll Over

Other specifics: Terrance is very camera shy, but he loves to play with any kind of tennis ball. He also loves playing with big dogs and that has resulted in him getting knocked unconscious at work. He has been at DXE his entire life. The first full day Blake worked, Terrance was by his side. So, he is an lifer.


Meet Callie:

Breed: Golden Retriever

Owner: Matt, President, Chief Executive Officer

Age: Turned 11-years-old on May 5, 2012

Favorite food: Anything but she LOVES peanut butter. You can give her an empty PB Jar and she’ll be busy for hours licking it clean!

Favorite treat: Any dog treat you might have handy

Tricks: Shake, sit, lie down, will hold a bone on her nose until you tell her to get it. She retrieves newspapers (and sometimes the neighbors!) She loves to swim and does not know her limits!

Other Specifics: Callie is a VERY sweet puppy. She loves her master unconditionally. She can “smell” when Matt walks in the building. She is very patient with her 4 human siblings. Each child has climbed on her, sat on her, fed her, and she tolerates all with patience.


Meet Molly:

Breed: Mixed breed. Ruth and her husband Jerry adopted Molly from Happy Tails. She was found on the streets when she was 3-4 months old and they adopted her in October 2005.

Owner: Ruth, Accounts Payable

Age: Turned 7-years-old sometime in May 2012

Favorite food: Peanut butter! She knows when you take a jar down from the cabinet even if she’s in a different room. She also loves to have whipped cream squirt in her mouth from the can!

Favorite treat: Any dog treat you have handy!

Tricks: Molly shakes, sits, lies down, speaks, and can fetch the paper

Other Specifics: She is very loyal. She understands her master when she speaks to her! She is a very curious dog and gentle and knows when she needs to be. Molly has also never met a dog she doesn’t like. She also acted as a “surrogate” mother to another dog Terrance, when he was first adopted. She protected him and they would snuggle.


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