Do AED Batteries and Pads Expire?

How long do AED batteries and pads last?

Did you know AED batteries and pads expire? Yes, they do! How long is the life expectancy of your AED battery and pads? Let’s find out!

How Long Do AED Batteries Last?

Fortunately, most AED batteries last for anywhere from two to five years in standby mode. For the most accurate information regarding your AED model, refer to your user manual. Expiration dates can also be found on the back of your AED battery. 

Typically, an AED battery will have three dates printed on it: a manufactured-by date, an install-by date, and an expiration date. An AED battery should be used within five to seven years of its manufacturer date. The install-by dates indicated that the battery should be installed in an AED no later than the specified date. And the expiration date indicates when the battery will no longer function.

We recommend having a replacement battery ready and accessible at all times. Some AED batteries will need to be replaced after use, others are capable of handling multiple rescues. Refer to your owner’s manual for more detailed information.

Quick Reference AED Pad Life Expectancy Guide

How Long Do AED Pads Last?

Like AED batteries, the shelf life of AED pads varies. Most pads, however, have a shelf life of two to four years. The water-based electrolyte gel that sticks to the chest of the victim and conducts electricity dry out over time, so both the pads that are attached to the AED, as well as the back-up pads, should be routinely checked and replaced as indicated. 

Pads should always be replaced after use.

Quick Reference AED Pad Life Expectancy Guide

If you’re worried about keeping track of expiration dates, you’ll want to consider a compliance management program like Cardio Partners’ LifeShield. Online compliance management programs send regular reminders for you to check your AED’s functionality and verify pad and battery life. It will also help you make sure that your equipment is properly registered. 

If you’re still trying to figure out which AED is right for you, we’ll help you find the AED and the batteries and pads that best fit your needs. Contact us! We’re always happy to help. 

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