How can I keep my employees calm during a SCA emergency?

How can I keep my employees calm during a SCA emergency?

How can I keep my employees calm during a SCA emergency?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Assuming stats will hold steady — and not increase as a result of COVID-19 — more than 350,000 Americans will suffer from sudden cardiac arrest this year, many of them while at work. 

Which is all the more reason to stay calm and stop SCA.

Purchase AEDs for your office

Nothing brings more peace of mind than a readily accessible automated external defibrillator (AED). An AED is the only effective treatment for restoring a regular heart rhythm during SCA. Modern AEDs are easy to operate, even for someone with no medical background.

Spring for training

You know what breeds calm? Confidence and know-how. Schedule CPR/AED training for your entire team. Blended learning options offer affordable and flexible training opportunities for your employees. 

Take a deep breath

We humans have a tendency to hold our breath or take quick, shallow breaths when we’re experiencing a stressful situation. And let’s face it, witnessing SCA is one of the scariest, most stressful things that could possibly happen in the workplace. Our brains need oxygen to function and focus. It’s absolutely essential to keep on breathing, so your employees can help those who can’t! 

Call for help

Call 911! The operator will offer guidance and support until emergency responders arrive.

Be laser-focused

It’s hard to think clearly when something as life-threatening as SCA is happening right in front of you. However, when an emergency happens, it’s vital to keep your wits about you. Encourage your employees to focus on the big-picture details: who, what happened, when, where and how bad is it. Then determine whether or not there are any pre-existing conditions, document the steps your team took to help the victim, and gather any other data that might be useful for first responders. These kinds of details will help the medical team and it’ll keep your employees focused.

Speak slowly

Project calm to your team by speaking loudly — don’t shout! — and slowly. Offer reassurances and make sure you’re messaging clearly and confidently. Your team will follow your capable lead.

Keep it cool. Cardio Partners offers CPR/AED/first aid training courses in all 50 states. To learn more about our traditional or blended courses, call our team at 866-349-4362 or email Cardio Partners at

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