Online CPR... Why Is It Different?

Is online CPR certification valid?

Online CPR... Why Is It Different?

Some states require that individuals in certain professions be CPR certified. When it comes time to get your CPR certification and you want to do it online, how do you know if it is valid though? To ensure your CPR certification is acceptable it is important to know that not all CPR classes are created equally and know your employer’s requirements.

Not all CPR Classes are Equal

All CPR classes teach you how to recognize situations where CPR may be needed and how to administer life-saving help, but some classes do not include skill checks. Skill checks are required for your CPR certification to be accredited. Your certification will still be valid, but you may still need to take a skill check class. This is why it is important when choosing your CPR class to look for an organization that covers everything you need because some have hidden fees and will charge a separate fee for the skills check.

Know Your Employer’s Requirements

If you are getting your CPR certification online, it is important you do your homework on what your employer requires for the certification to be legitimate. Due to COVID-19 many employers are okay with online-only CPR certification, but others may follow OSHA guidelines or require the Basic Life Support (BLS) training certification to be recognized. BLS is required for most healthcare workers to learn the skills they need to respond to someone in need in the event of an emergency.

The Cardio Partners BLS Healthcare Provider Certification offers a traditional or blended option. The traditional is offered in-person and the blended is held both online and in-person. The Cardio Partners Adult CPR/AED Certification offers a traditional or blended option as well but neither meets BLS requirements.

Even if your profession does not require you to be CPR certified it is an empowering skill to have. You can save someone’s life when it is least expected.