Proper AED Signage: AED Accessories That Can Help

Locating an AED

Did you know that AED wall signs can help save lives?

Proper AED signage can make a difference between life and death. Imagine, for a moment, how terrible it would be if someone went into cardiac arrest and you were unable to locate an AED in time. And guess what? You can buy a window decal for as little as $1.99 and a wall-mounted sign for less than $10.00! 

If your organization or business has taken the important step of purchasing an AED, well, good for you! That’s an important step toward helping ensure the safety of your team. However, if nobody knows where to find the AED or how to use it, it’s is not going to do much good. 

The American Red Cross notes that it takes nearly 10 minutes for trained first responders to arrive on the scene after 911 is called. For each minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival is reduced by approximately 10%. In other words, by the time the ambulance arrives with its cargo of lifesaving EMTs and AEDs, it may already be too late.

The location, visibility, and accessibility of your AED are critical to improving survival odds. And inexpensive AED wall signs and AED Storage solutions — like brightly lettered AED wall signs, three-dimensional wall markers, stickers, or clearly marked AED storage cabinets can help. 

Ask Your Colleagues If They Know Where the AED is Located

Ready to conduct an informal AED placement survey? Take a moment to ask 10 of your colleagues if they know where the closest AED is located. Can they point to its location with accuracy? Can they quickly describe to a fellow bystander how to retrieve the AED?

Don’t be too surprised if 50% of your teammates fail the quiz. 

In a survey about cardiac emergency preparedness conducted by the American Heart Association, researchers found that most workers do not have access to CPR and first aid training and that fully half of them were unable to locate an onsite AED. And get this, in the hospitality industry, where employees are welcoming guests who are unfamiliar with a property, a whopping 66% can’t find the AED!

Affordable AED Wall Signs Save Lives

Ideally, rescuers should be able to assist cardiac arrest victims in less than two minutes. AED cabinets, wall units, and way-finding signs should be located in high visibility areas in public buildings and businesses and at social or athletic events. 

Learn more about the proper placement of AEDs here.

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