Welcome to CPR & AED Awareness Week 2020!

CPR and AED Awareness Week

Welcome to CPR & AED Awareness Week 2020!

What Can You Do to Celebrate CPR and AED Awareness Week?

Here at Cardio Partners and aed.com, we love to celebrate CPR and AED Awareness Week! So we came up with a few ways you can make the most of our favorite awareness week. We hope you’ll join us in saving lives.

Here are a few statistics that reinforce why learning CPR and how to use an AED is so important:

  • Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) kills more Americans than lung cancer, breast cancer, and HIV/AIDS combined (AHA).
  • Among middle-aged adults treated for SCA, 50% had no symptoms before the onset of arrest (NCBI).
  • 475,000 Americans die from a cardiac arrest every year (AHA).
  • 17.5 million people across the globe die from cardiovascular disease each year (AHA).
  • 10,000 SCAs occur in the workplace each year (OSHA).
  • More than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests — that’s 68.5% — occur at home (SCAF).
  • 45% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims survive when bystander CPR is administered (AHA).

Three great ways to observe CPR and AED Awareness Week

  • Get your CPR, AED, and First Aid Certifications.
  • Purchase an AED for your home.
  • Encourage your favorite local organizations to implement an AED program.

Get Your CPR, AED and First Aid Certifications

As one of the biggest licensed training providers for both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association, we’re dedicated to offering the highest quality classes and services. 

If you don’t have your first aid, CPR, and AED certifications, commit to registering yourself and your loved ones for a course this week!

Find an American Red Cross Class Near You!

Find an American Heart Association Class Near You!

If you’re a business owner, director of a nonprofit, school principal, daycare provider, or community organizer, contact us to find the right CPR, First Aid, and AED course for your organization.

Purchase an AED for Your Home

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of death in this country and most cardiac arrests occur at home (American Heart Association). For more information on purchasing an AED for your home, check out our post, Who Should Have an AED at Home

Encourage your favorite local organizations to implement an AED program

It should come as no surprise that here at Cardio Partners, we think every organization, school, community, and workplace needs quick and easy access to public AEDs. Help us help your community by encouraging your favorite local hangouts to invest in an AED.

Not only do we offer affordably-priced new AEDs and recertified AEDs, but we also published a free guide to help organizations secure funding for an AED

Looking for some more ways to celebrate CPR and AED Awareness Week? We’re full of ideas! Visit AED.com or call Cardio Partners at 866-349-4362. We also welcome your emails; you can reach us at customerservice@cardiopartners.com.