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An AED is a long term investment and a potentially life-saving purchase. When shopping around, consider these 7 questions to ensure you receive long term service and satisfaction.

At we are here to serve you and make sure you are happy long beyond your purchase date! Download our fact sheet or read on to see what separates us from the competition. 


    Do you offer a loaner program?

AEDs of course need maintenance, so offers our customers a loaner program at no cost. This means that if your device is in need of maintenance we will provide overnight shipping of a loaner unit while yours is being looked at by our biomedical technicians. This program is good for as long as you own the device. We offer this program to grant you peace of mind and ensure that your school or business never goes unprotected. 

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    Do you have biomedical technicians on the premises? How were they trained?


At, our biomedical technicians work on the premises of our Brentwood, Tennessee office and distribution center. They have been factory trained and certified by our manufacturers.'s joint-venture with 2nd Life Biomedical® allows customers the opportunity to benefit on labor repair rates that are the most competitive in the country for defibrillator and monitor repairs . Whether performing maintenance on your current device or refurbishing a used unit, our biomeds utilize only state-of-the-art testing equipment from Fluke and BCI. These devices guarantee proper calibration and maintenance according to factory standards.  


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    How large is your inventory? Can you see a current picture of that inventory?


This is a major concern when initially purchasing your equipment as well as when sending it in for maintenance. A low inventory means longer delivery times as well as a small likelihood that a loaner unit is available at any given time.  is proud to carry a substantial inventory in our on site distribution center, which allows us to quickly serve our customers. We will happily provide you a picture of our current inventory, and we invite you to set up a visit to our Brentwood office and distribution center. 


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    Do you carry liability insurance? Will you send me a copy of the policy?


Liability insurance is a must for every business no matter how small. It protects both the business and the client. We would be happy to provide you with a copy of our insurance policy on request. 

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    Have you dealt with this company before? Will they honor their warranty?


Unfortunately, many small businesses have a short lifespan. Before you purchase an AED, make sure to consider the distributor’s financial stability. If they go out of business, will you have any way to maintain your device’s warranty? has been in business for 14 years. We have built our reputation around excellent customer service, honoring our promises, and providing top notch products.  We are a government service agency contractor, a member of the Better Business Bureau, and have been certified by our customers as an Elite Member on Reseller Ratings. 

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    Are you a licensed distributor of all major brands?





A reputable distributor will have established a licensing partnership with the major AED manufacturers. Failure to do so might signal a manufacturer has opted not to work with a distributor due to concerns about financial stability, reputation, and customer service. Be especially concerned when purchasing a refurbished AED. If the distributor does not have a licensing agreement with the brand, they are unlikely to be able to procure necessary parts for maintenance. is proud to have longstanding relationships with a number of manufacturers including ZollPhilips HealthcareCardiac Science, and  Physio Control  just to name a few. 


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    What accessories will you receive? What kind of training and management programs can you expect?


Batteries, pads, and other accessories should always be new even when purchasing a refurbished unit. Don’t settle for used batteries that have been recharged. Also, consider how you will receive training and program management for your new device. All sales representatives are trained AED instructors. We will provide you a free online training session as well as provide you with additional training resources. We offer AED management systems through En-Pro which will keep you well within your legal obligations. 

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